Are You Uranian?

Because I’m lavender.

Before taking her afternoon bath, my grandmother, in a state of mild, morbid delirium, asks, “Are you gay? If you’re gay, you can’t see my naked body.

It was ushered in a joking manner.

For a week and a day, she had been bedridden from contracting a UTI. Muscles slightly atrophied, she ventured to the lavatory unassisted, taking baby steps along the way.

Prior to this, her state was largely supine beneath sheets. If not lying back or on either side, she would be sitting upright, preparing to regurgitate the medication prescribed to treat her ailing bladder.

Vomiting was the only side effect. However, after a few days of simmering, symptoms began to exacerbate marginally. Reporting acute pain with urination, followed by hints of Hematuria (sightings of blood in the urine), which didn’t appear until the latter several days of duration.

Appetite was diminished. When food was intended to be consumed with each capsule intake, it was ignored in favour of swallowing on an empty stomach. A choice of which resulted in the aforementioned vomitus.

It was asked with ill humour.

Leery and distrait.

Are you gay?

Followed by the silent reply of a straight face.

Preceded by the statement of only myself being able to see her, as we were both “females”.

Another slutterance (slurred utterance) of jest directed not only to me, but her husband, preparing the bath.



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