Chrestomathies (µ Vol. 1)

Chrestomathy #1: Silicon Valley

Because Plurality isn’t as ominous (or easy) to pronounce.

How often do you hear “I’m on suicide watch for my spouse.” as an excuse for work absence? Never. It is not a phrase common in our milieu. We are the literal embodiment of a circlejerk, special snowflake clan of single, childfree, borderline incels and femcels. No fact or opinion uttered from us is valid to the lifescript command. Our programmes are deprecated. Developers abandoned us long ago when they approved the Singularity’s decision to abort us.

// Who is our true God?
>> The techies and engineers
// Or the product of their creation?

Chrestomathy #2: Disruptive Selection

A perverse parabola.

Between the hour of 7 and 8 AM, a mire was observed. Along its vitreous surface, the reflection of experimental theory cast a tenuous sheen. From beneath the surface penetrates this furry, dishevelled mass of a living organism, convulsing and reproducing asexually. From the layered, hovering steam, a vision of runaway slaves sprinting through the sickly crop of trees, dispersing to focus on these tarry figures emerging.

Reptiles of a peculiar ilk, including amphibians, are able to survive in this precarious environs. Mammals prove maladapted in competition. Fur further weighs them down into the anaerobic bog, an ecosystem that opposes the maintenance and locomotion of hirsute breeding. Pubescent organisms, in contrast, are follicle deficient. At most, cilia or other microscopic hair appears with negligible function to physiology.

Certain frogs, toads, snakes, alligators, crocodiles and other traditional subaqueous creatures originating from inland bodies of water have either adapted to the muddled conditions via anatomical enhancements or are genetically predisposed to inhabit the environment, thereby affirming as a natural habitat.

Naturally, most aquatic organisms cannot reside comfortably on dry land for extended periods without suffering ill effects. In a similar manner, terrestrial animals cannot reside comfortably in water due to requiring oxygen to breathe. Abilities may vary according to hybrid capacity, however, one will often be favoured over the other regarding endurance and energy expended/stored in either territory.

Chrestomathy #3: Vegan Hair

Of split ends and dead ends.

The effects of veganism on hair texture is not an expected increase in green pigmentation but a functional transition. An organic mutation, if you will. The result of brittle follicles from an exclusively vegan diet is attributed to nutritional deficit. Thinning hair is accompanied by thinning skin due to a lack of proteins and fats present in white and red meats, as well as dairy products.

Keratin subsists on these ingredients to promote healthy growth and resistance to dryness. Plant-based foods often offer a restricted selection of the protein or lipid enrichment necessary for supplying essential fat to the skin and internal organs.

Chrestomathy #4: Love

Lost in transplantation.

An incurable addiction to words. Linguists, polyglots and etymologists suffer egregiously from the sin of miscommunication. Love languages are the bane of their physical existence. Only so much can be candidly, if not accurately, conveyed through a cerebral filter. Our thoughts are far too abstract to simplify through the sieve of emotion.

But, be not mistaken.
We feel.

If silence is sudden and unaccounted, basic instinct is the overloaded computation of worst-case scenarios.



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