Financial Aid: The OG Clickbait

Biden? More like ‘Bye, then.’

If student loans aren’t forgiven, it is not the people who will continue to bear the burden of Sisyphus.

If student loans persist with interest, it is the government who will switch places, apotheosising as a false god who carries the people.

No choice but to suffer the stertorous voices mineralising through the boulder with increasing mass.

But, the government has no spare change to offer.

No quarter; no mercy.

The office is represented by a patriarchy of ancients et al.

Those who won’t be alive to witness the cancerous spread. For them, time is reaching termination. The only context of which the word is enforced with acceptance.

They’ve won the rat race with flying colours. Now, their wings are clipped, wind coasting to a crawl. The change in speed, power, direction, fails to register for them. If student loans aren’t forgiven, they’ll be buried, insentient, by the masses of unpaid debt.

Still unaffected.

Still no spare change.

The economy will resume, static and stale like sliced bread.

The greatest invention that never was.

If student loans insist with interest, the oligarchy will not be spared. Yet, the fury of the third estate, throughout the entire novel of history, will not be felt by the putrefaction of their flesh beneath continental acres of radioactive dirt.

Student loans will never be forgiven.

A fact as tried and true as the arbitrary scroll of print signed, with indelible ink, by dead presidents.

Student loans will persist with undying interest. More than that expressed by the heavy eyelids and illegible ink impressed by students who are more drawn than the assignments that increase concurrently with those inconspicuous zeroes.

Since 1965, colleges and universities have become the new soup kitchens.

Student loans :: bread and butter.

Degree :: golden ticket.

Willy Wonka :: Sallie Mae.



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