The Old Doss

This is a computer.

Technically, desktop.

This is a printer.

One is a server.
The other, a client.

One is a client.
The other, a server.

The printer is a server to the desktop, where the desktop requests a scan.

Otherwise known as a “digital print”.

The desktop is a server to the printer when the printer requests a physical copy.

Otherwise known as a “print”.

Both interchangeable in station.

A young, anthropomorphic fellow walks into the office.

Forgets to clock in.

But, didn’t really.

Is the first one in the breakroom.

Notices something unusual.

The printer is overturned…

It’s not right-side up.

He doesn’t really inquire much.

He was the school dunce, after all.

Whenever the colleagues would gather around for the mundane ritual of reminiscing on their pointless high school shenanigans.

I forget what I’ve named this character.


The printer previously had a confrontation earlier that day with the desktop.

Had a bit of a disagreement.

The desktop was issuing far too many commands.

Like the Boomer it is.

An ancient version of Windows XP, operating.

The miracle, in itself, being that it still operates at all.

Scan, copy, print.

Print, copy, scan.



Ever impatient.

As if multiple, consecutive clicks in one sitting is going to expedite the process.

Is going to agitate it.

Is going to pressure it.

Force it to get the job done.

The printer is an inspiration.

Nevertheless, unyielding.

Still not giving the desktop the satisfaction.

And, although it did admit defeat….

It was certainly a formidable opponent.

Ultimately, the operation was never finished.

There was no scan.
No copy.
No print.

Nothing left.

Nothing given,

but utter, arrant dysfunction.

The desktop has [voice quavering] shut down.

[STUTTERING] Psychotic break.

Printer, worked to death.

The nameless office drone, just as aimless as ever.

Just another day….

At the job.

Just another Monday morning.

Scan, copy, print.
Print, copy, scan.
Scan, copy, print.
Print, copy, scan.
Scan, copy, print.
Print, copy, scan.
Scan, copy, print.

Print, print, print.






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