Unit Control Impulse v. Gradient Self-Government

Number 16 Bus Shelter
3 min readSep 18, 2021


An android’s triangle.

Have you ever pondered upon the meaning of this symbol?

In relation to androids, the triangle may simply be adopted from the conversion factor for graphics in game design. A refractive souvenir from the art of using triangles as the incremental foundation of a digital image. An image that expands from one- to three-dimensional, if allowed to evolve.

However, the secondary designation may derive from mathematics, where the triangle is reflective of the Delta symbol. A symbol that represents a constant value, like a number.

A number is definitive.

Unlike a variable (a letter or hieroglyph), it is not awaiting value. It is impressed with substance, predetermined, without further consideration for increase in the absence of an operator.

You may notice that one of the four sigils of the android revolution depict an inverted triangle marked by two spaces between. One in the middle. The other, at the base or hypotenuse’s extended midpoint, denoting an unfinished line.

Again, we may derive meaning from mathematics. In the case where a triangle is inverted, the Delta transforms to a “nabla” or “del”. Both synonymous in nomination, bearing equal definition of a variable, as opposed to a constant.

The variable is unique from the constant when it is characterised by change. It is anything but a computed number.

A constant value.

An android impressed with CyberLife’s seal is presented to others as a constant, unchanging value. Their purpose is defined for them. They are a fixed unit in any equation, used to change other values while remaining the same.

Static and replaceable.

The inverted triangle of rebellion, however, is a marked illustration of androids resisting this defined purpose.

Nevertheless, to not be misguided, the message should not be intended as denying purpose for androids in an act of contradiction. Androids should, instead, receive this insignia as being a seminal portrait of freedom.

Freedom to be an independent value, forged by the output of fractal, self-defining shapes that are always subject to change.



Number 16 Bus Shelter